Frequently Asked Questions

For Researchers

  1. I've completed the CITI training, when can I access the online application?
    CITI completion reports are transferred electronically. Users who have completed the required courses to access specific on-line research applications (e.g., ARO, PittPRO, IBC) will be granted access 24-48 hours after completion.

  2. Who needs to complete the training courses?
    Detailed information on required training is available on the Office of Research Protections website under Training Courses.

  3. How do I access CITI?
    In order to access CITI and affiliate with the University of Pittsburgh, users must use the Pitt designated CITI Access Portal ( and login using their Pitt HSConnect account. Go to to create your account. If unsure whether you have an account, email us at or call the HSConnect support team at 412-648-2222 to avoid creating multiple accounts.

    If you already have a CITI account, there will be an opportunity to also enter your current CITI username/password to link your previously completed training. Please review the CITI Instruction Sheet which is also displayed on the CITI Access Portal page for detailed information.

  4. How do I print my CITI Certificates?
    Users can print their official CITI certificates through the CITI Access Portal ( Click on the Courses tab on the page to download or obtain a link for the certificate.

  5. Do CITI courses have CME/CEU's and what is the cost?
    CME/CEU course credits are available from CITI for a nominal fee. Click on the CEUs tab at the top of the CITI page for detailed information. There is no cost for course completion unless you wish to purchase education credits.

  6. Can I still access my previous training from the ISER site (
    Absolutely. Please visit and after logging into the site click the "My Account" link in the menu bar.

  7. I have removed my affiliation from the University of Pittsburgh and can no longer access my CITI page, now what?
    1. Get your CITI username and password via

    2. Contact us at We will remove you from our database so that you will appear to be a new user to the Pitt system. We will notify you when this is done.
    3. After you receive notification from us, Go to and click on the login link.
    4. Answer "Yes" when asked if you already have a CITI account.
    5. Use the CITI username and password from step 1 to re-link your CITI and HSConnect accounts.

For Administrators

  1. Where can I go to check that a particular researcher has completed CITI training?
    CITI training can be verified through HSConnect in the same manner as ISER training was in the past. You can verify the completed training and dates but cannot print the corresponding certificates at this time.

  2. How long does completed training take to show up in HSConnect?
    CITI data is transferred nightly to HSConnect but allow 24-48 hours for this process to occur for newly completed courses.